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Don Byington

The instructor or sensei is Don Byington, a 7th Degree Black Belt, who has studied Shotokan for over forty years and also has a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, a Korean form of the Martial Arts. While serving in the United States Air Force, Don had the opportunity to study with some of the world renown Karate Masters including Nishiyama, Nakayama, Okazaki and Oyama. Shotokan. Sensei Don Byington is a former 3 time State Black Belt Champion and was inducted into the Mississippi Black Belt Hall of Fame in 1987. He was named Competitor of the Year in 1994, Instructor of the Year in 1999 and 2006. He presently serves as President of the Mississippi Karate Association . Don is married to Brenda Byington and they have one daughter and a granddaughter. His professional career consists of 37 years in Law Enforcement, including Chief of Police for the City of Clinton and currently director of Mississippi State Capitol Police in Jackson, MS.